Rajjo 15th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 15th February 2023 Written Update | Rajjo 15th February 2023 Episode Update

Manorama encourages Rajjo to move away, while Rajjo glances at Manorama with shyness.

Rajjo then prays to God for blessings as she walks down the corridor, as she and Arjun begin their lives as a couple and will become one.

She is going slowly as her heart rate increases due to anxiousness and excitement.

When Rajjo enters the room, her grin fades when she notices some clothing on the floor.

Rajjo’s pulse starts hammering as she learns that these clothing not only belong to Arjun but also to a girl.

When she glances up, she sees Arjun and Niharika sleeping naked on the bed.

She stands like a rock while her heart shatters into a million fragments.

At the same moment, after waking up from her slumber, Niharika stands up straight and wraps the blanket closely over herself.

Niharika informs Rajjo that she and Arjun made a big mistake last night, but it’s not their fault because they were inebriated.

Arjun awakens from his slumber when he hears Niharika’s words and looks scared at Rajjo while shaking his head.

Will Arjun be able to convince Rajjo that he has done nothing wrong, or will Niharika be able to separate Rajjo and Arjun?

How long will fate keep Rajjo and Arjun apart until they eventually become one?

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