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Bihar E-Shram Card 2023: E-shram card holder in Bihar will get money on this day

E-shram card 2023! Yes, if you are also a laborer or a worker, then this small card is going to prove to be the key to happiness for you. You must be aware of its benefits, such as the benefits of various government public safety schemes, the facility of accident insurance, etc.

Taking a step further, the Uttar Pradesh government has announced a maintenance allowance of Rs 500 per month to e-labour card holders, which has put the state at the forefront in this regard.

In whose account the money of the first installment Rs.500 and Rs.1000 has come?

The state government has started sending Rs.500 and Rs.1000 to the bank accounts of those who have registered themselves before December 31 for the E Shram card. Those who have got 500 rupees in their bank account, they have received the installment of December and will be sent the second installment till the end of January, and those who have got 1000 rupees in their account, they have got it till December and January. The second installment will be received by the end of February, and this process will continue for the next 4 months.

How much money is coming in labor card?

The first installment has started coming in the bank account of all the labor card holders, in this some card holder has received the first installment of Rs.500 and someone has received Rs.1000. For information, let me tell you that for 4 consecutive months, 500 rupees will be sent directly to the card holder’s bank account every month.

Some have received an installment of Rs 1000 for 2 months in their account together and some have received an installment of Rs 500 for one month, they will get it again next month.

These people will not get the benefit of e labor card

Along with implementing this scheme, the Government of India has also made some terms and conditions and it is very important to know these conditions as well, so let us also know which workers will get the benefit of e-labor card and which workers. Will not get the benefit of this scheme.

how to check labor card money

First of all, you can get its information by visiting your nearest bank branch, apart from this, you can also get its information by calling the bank’s toll free number with the help of your mobile phone.

Benefits of labor card

As we are already aware of the E Shram Card Scheme that this scheme was launched by the Central Government on August 2021.

Registered workers on the portal that if they die in an accident, they will be provided with an insurance cover of ₹ 200,000.

Apart from this, provision has also been made to provide ₹ 200000 in case of permanent disability due to accident and ₹ 100000 in case of partial disability for the laborers registered on this portal.

What is E Shram Card and what will be the benefit of E Shram Card?

In fact, a target has been set to add another 30 crore workers. To collect the information of the unorganized workers of the unorganized sector by the Government of India and by aggregating the database of all the laborers at one place, the workers covered under this portal such as construction workers, migrant workers, platform artists, street vendors, domestic workers, agricultural workers and other organized workers.

Such people who are not able to get the benefit of any scheme. Because it is not possible to know. What plan came and what went Under this, the E Shram Card will be issued by the government after E Shram Card Registration. Any laborer will be able to get the benefits of the schemes directly and the government will also take different steps, whatever they will have the database of workers

Among the people who have e-shram card in UP, the maximum number of 1.24 crore workers are associated with the agriculture sector. According to the data given on the e-shram portal, the second number is household workers, whose number is 4039153.

At the same time, the number of workers engaged in the construction sector is 2442088. Let us tell you that the target is to register about 38 crore workers in the country on the e-shram portal. Of these, more than 12.20 crore workers have been registered so far.

Benefits of EShram Card 2023

There are many benefits of E Shram Card 2023 apart from what is known to you. See the complete benefits in the points given below and then avail all the perks after getting Shramik Card.

  • First Benefit is that you will get a Pension of Rs 3000/- (Minimum) after attaining the age of 60 Years.
  • Secondly, you will have complete insurance for any mishappening during age up to 60 Years.
  • In case of any accident you can avail Insurance of Rs 50,000/-.
  • If due to mishappening, the beneficiary dies then all the benefits will be transferred to the wife.
  • You have to contribute monthly through your E Shram Card and the same amount will be credited by the Government of India.
  • You can avail all the Government Schemes for Workers if you have your E Shram Card or Shramik Card.

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